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How to Publish an E-book on Amazon's Kindle


KINDLE NEWS In the first quarter ended March 31, net sales at Amazon rose 46 percent, to $7.13 billion, and net income rose 68 percent, to $299 million. The Kindle continues to be the company's "#1 bestselling product" and there are now 500,000 book titles, 9,000 blogs and 175 newspapers and magazines available for the e-reader – which is facing stiff competition from Apple’s recently introduced iPad. Worldwide media sales, which includes books, ebooks, music and DVDs, grew 26 percent, to $3.43 billion. Worldwide electronics and other general merchandise, which includes the Kindle, rose 72 percent, to $3.51 billion. Amazon said it expects revenue in the second quarter to be between $6.1 billion and $6.7 billion, up 31-44 percent over last year… Sales at Simon & Schuster fell six percent in their fiscal first quarter, down $10 million to $151.7 million.

How would you like to have your E-book or electronic manuscript available to the over 500,000 customers that Amazon has already sold a Kindle to, as of the beginning of January “09”, according to Click here to see why you need us to format your book to go on the Kindle and other e-readers >>

Kindle is Amazon’s wireless reading device that allows its owners to download E-books directly to it. Already, it has become one of the best-available outlets for E-books. The device is thinner and lighter than a typical paperback and has a high-resolution electronic screen that looks very similar to the page of a book. The book-like technology is much easier on the eyes than a standard PC screen, and a wireless connection allows for downloading E-books directly to its memory for latter viewing.

Our conversion service

We can take your E-book or electronic manuscript and convert it into a file that would be compatible with the Kindle and then upload it to the Kindle store.

Because of the limitations of the Kindle, uploading E-books to it requires us to reformat your E-book to their specifications. The Kindle is mainly a simple text reader, and some of the formatting that goes into standard E-books does not always display correctly on the Kindle. Logos, graphs, fonts, pictures, charts, extensive formatting, etc. may need to be changed or eliminated before it will display properly. This is where our professional services finds the best way to format your work, so that it displays properly on the Kindle reader. Here is what we can offer you:

For our Strategic Book Group authors:

If you are one of our Strategic Book Group published authors, we have made the Kindle conversion and upload easy and painless for you. We already have your electronic manuscript on file and we can give you a quote without you needing to do anything except send a request to us by emailing: We will give you one special price that covers everything. No hidden costs!

Our Strategic Book Group author services include:

Special in-house pricing
Converting the E-book/Book to a Kindle compatible file
Uploading it to the Kindle store
Online review of the uploaded file for quality control
Uploading the Synopsis and Author’s Bio
Logging the E-book’s critical data for royalties
Adding and linking key search words and phases
Processing and distributing royalty payments*

For non-Strategic Book Group authors:

If you are not one of our Strategic Book Group authors but would like to take advantage of our Kindle conversion and upload services, then we have two different options for you.

Option 1:

Conversion and upload of an existing E-book:

If you own the copyright to an existing E-book, we can offer a Kindle conversion and upload service where we:

Assign a new ISBN for publication through our Eloquent Books label
Add our Eloquent books publishing info to your E-book
Convert the E-book to a Kindle compatible file
Upload it to the Kindle store
Do an online review of the uploaded file for quality control
Upload the Synopsis and Author’s Bio
Log the E-book’s critical data for royalties
Add and link key search words and phases
Process and distribute royalty payments*

With this option, you will need to email us a copy of your E-book so that we can look it over to determine the formatting needs and send you a quote. You will need to sign our Kindle-conversion contract and guarantee that you own the copyrights to the work. You can start the process by emailing us at: Kindle at and telling us that you are not a Strategic Book Group author but would like a quote for converting your E-book to the kindle format. Then we will tell you where and how you can email us a copy of your E-book for review and quoting.

Option 2:

Create an E-book from your electronic manuscript file:

If you don’t have a published E-book, but you do have an electronic manuscript that you own the copyrights to, (Word document or similar file) then we can create an E-book for you from your file. With an E-book contract, get it here, we would:

Provide a formatted Word template to submit your manuscript to us
Review your manuscript for content and readiness for publication
Provide an ISBN for your E-book
Provide optional proofing or editing (additional cost)
Work with you to make a professional layout using a three-step revision process
Provide standard E-covers for your E-book, with synopsis and author bio/picture
Optional front-cover upgrade for special designs (additional cost)
Create a final E-book PDF file for customer downloading after purchase
Provide an Author’s Edge Web Page for marketing your E-book
Professional sales/marketing team to help with ideas to promote your E-book
Handle and distribute all royalty payments for you*

Once we have published your E-book, you will be illegible for the Strategic Book Group author Kindle services listed above, complete with special discounts from the non-Strategic Book Group author prices.

If you would like to become a Strategic Book Group published author and enjoy all these benefits, email us at .

Or visit our E-book Quote Page at .

*One Caveat: Amazon is going to take the lion's share of the profits. However, we all hope to make up for it with increased volume. You can find the complete Kindle agreement on their web site at:

Here is their pricing information from their website for Kindle sale:

4. Pricing and Program Terms. As part of your Application, you will provide us with a suggested retail price for each Title (“Suggested Retail Price” or “SRP”). The Suggested Retail Price you provide to Amazon must be consistent with the SRP you have provided to other retailers and wholesalers. However, we have sole and complete discretion to set the retail price to our customers for Digital Books. We are solely responsible for all promotions and solicitations to be used in connection with the marketing and sale of your Digital Books, and for processing payments, payment collection, requests for refunds and related customer service, and we will have sole ownership and control of all data obtained from customers and prospective customers in connection with the Program. You acknowledge that we have no obligation to market, distribute, or offer for sale any Digital Book or part thereof, or to continuing marketing, distributing or selling a Digital Book after we have commenced doing so.
5. Royalties. Provided you are not in breach of your obligations under this Agreement, we will pay you, for each Digital Book we sell, a royalty equal to thirty-five percent (35%) of the applicable Suggested Retail Price for such Digital Book, net of refunds, bad debt, and any taxes charged to a customer (including without limitation sales taxes) (a “Royalty”).

Our Standard 50% E-book royalties apply to all web sales and Kindle paid royalties.

For more information email: Kindle at

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