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Internet Radio Talk Shows

Do you want to share your ideas and messages with
others? Want to build a strong online platform? Are
you interested in being seen as an authority in your
field? Would you like to sell more books with less

Internet Radio can help you reach
listeners worldwide!

With an Internet radio interview you have the potential to reach millions of people all over the world and we can help you every step of the way. Let us take care of the details of setting you up. All you need to focus on is talking about your work and we'll do the rest

Note from Robert: I did it and it is great! Kelly is a superb show host. She made me feel comfortable, and really, the show was over before I knew it. And I know it is reaching people because we are already getting questions and business from it.


And here's the link to the show itself:

Note from an Author: Dear Kelly – it was great working with you on the interview, my first! I found your request to have me script beforehand the questions and answers that would make up the bulk of the interview very helpful. It enabled me to think about the information I wanted to convey to listeners and readers regarding my novel, and it gave me rehearsal material. Then, in the interview, you helped me through my initial jitters and transformed the script into a genuine conversation. By the end, I was having fun! And then it was over before I knew it. So far, comments I’ve had from those who have listened in have been positive, so the positive atmosphere you created is shining through. I’m sure it will prove a terrific way to promote my book. Thanks again!

And here's the link to the show itself:


Marketing on the Internet can be time-consuming, complex, and frustrating. Even if you have a website and book, that's not enough. Having your own radio interview or talk show creates an instant level of authority and allows you to be located more easily online. Without thorough marketing you may never be found, or it could take
months, if not years, to build a strong online presence.

Strategic Book Marketing offers authors a way to reach their audience with live talk show interviews.

How do live talk shows help?

Internet radio is one of the fastest growing and biggest marketing opportunities. Not only will your listeners be able to hear the live stream of your interview or talk show, but your show is archived so people can download it at any time in the future. You can post the link or radio player directly to your website and on networking profiles, helping you to quickly build a bigger and bigger fan base. This is one of the easiest ways to sell more books, and get more interviews and reviews.

Since we broadcast over the World Wide Web, anyone who has Internet access will have access to your show. You can reach listeners in any country around the world.

Get top listing on Google and Yahoo! Every one of our authors who have done a show with us appears on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines. In fact, most of them are listed in the #1 spot! Many people pay thousands of dollars to secure these spots, yet this is just one of the many perks of doing a radio interview through us.

Internet radio is quickly overtaking traditional AM/FM and even Satellite radio. You don't have to worry about bad reception, being heard only in certain places at certain times, or paying thousands of dollars for advertising. Having a radio interview or talk show through us is one of the most cost-effective and influential ways of marketing yourself.


Do I have to go to a studio to record the show?

No. You do the show right from your own home by using your computer connected to the Internet and your telephone. It's very simple and no expensive equipment is needed.

How do I do the interview talk show?

We'll set everything up for you then at any convenient time for you we'll conduct an interview. All you have to do is call in and answer a few questions. You will have the interplay with a professional announcer, and the show will be just like a radio talk show. The whole process is very easy, unhurried and relaxed. If you ever want to have more shows, or update your show, we can arrange that easily and conveniently.

What have past guests had to say about their radio show interview?

We’ve gotten excellent and excited feedback from authors who have had their radio interview through us. Here are just a few of the many we’ve received:

  • I like what you do, and the way you do it. You are the most credible I have come across in an industry of scams.

  • - Wow! At first I was nervous, but Kelly made me feel really comfortable. I had a great time and have already made a few books sales!

  • -At first I was skeptical about doing a radio interview, but when it was over I felt very excited. The following morning my inbox was flooded with congratulatory emails and even book orders!

  • I just wanted to let you know that Kelly is one of the most helpful and competent persons I have ever worked with. It is just a delight to see how she made everything pleasant and easy for me during the show.

  • I had a great time, Kelly! You took a boring subject and made it seem interesting. I can’t wait to do this again!

  • -My Author Showcase interview was such a success I just scheduled my own Author Exclusive show. Thank you for this great

Do the shows really bring in listeners and sales?

You bet!  For example, one of our authors has had over 10,000 people listen to his show just in the last month alone.  This has helped him to make many book sales he otherwise wouldn't have.

What do I get with my Talk Show Host package?

We have two packages available:

• Our "Author Exclusive" package includes your own personal Talk Show Interview web page that contains a photo and short bio, and a blog with information about your book, upcoming appearances, reviews, important news, website links, show player button for your website and promotional use, a 30 minute interview, and more.

• Our "Author Showcase" package includes either a 15 or 30 minute interview segment on Strategic Talk Radio. You will also receive advertising on our radio show page that includes a short bio, information about your book, a website link, and a link to your interview that you can post to your website and use for promotion.

We will handle everything so you can do what you do best: talk about your book!

When will my show be on?

We will work with you to find a day and time that fits your schedule. We can do the interview in the morning, afternoon, or evening, any day of the week. This is up to you.

What is the Cost?

A non-refundable one-time setup fee of $199.00 for our Author Exclusive package, or $149 for our 30 minute Author Showcase package, or $99 for our 15 minute Author Showcase package.

Additional shows cost $75 for each half-hour. Remember, we do all the work, all you have to do is talk about your book, yourself, and your market.

Payment can be made online by credit card, check or Paypal. Click here to go to the Payment Information Form

If you have any further questions about doing a talk interview or becoming a show host, please send an email to Radio at StrategicBookMarketing.com

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